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You have obviously been browsing the auction sites and have arrived here at my sales pages.

Although my website and main interests revolve around Aviation heritage, I have had a now faded interest in these other areas.

Time to clear out the loft !!

Aviation Sales   'Tee Emm'   Cigarette Card Albums

The Royal Wedding Commemorative Coin/medal

  A 1987 Uncirculated One Pound coin   The Year 2000 Greenwich commemorative medallion
The Air League book/album Series.5

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British Grasses, Sedges & Rushes 1942.

  Cacti & other Succulents 1958   Cacti & Other Succulents 1959  

Cacti & Other Succulents 1977

Architecture 1958


Furniture 1966


Trees 1961


Wild Flowers 1958


Ships 1953


Ships 1973


Horses & Ponies 1978


Cats 1961


Birds 1973

Cricket 1979


Soccer 1980



Sea Fishes 1972

Tropical Fish 1978

Aircraft 80

Tourist Atlas of Great Britain & Ireland 1976


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