Can anyone help with a good, clean, jacket.

Any help with these would be very much appreciated, I am happy to pay the going rate of course.


2nd Edition 1953 The Red Hawker Hunter, either of the THREE issues, it doesnt matter as long as the jacket is clean with little or no SPINEFADE, I already have all three, but two are photocopies and the original is a bit tatty, I would like one good one, - 859-953, OR 926-1153, OR 960-1253

3rd Edition 1955 The Folland Midge, either of the TWO issues, 632-954 OR 719-266.


Obviously the 1942/3/5/9 issues are sought after by all of us so I havent bothered to list them as wanted here, its everyman for himself regarding these I think. Just for interest, I have THREE of them, but I aint gonna tell which.!!!

Finally :- Does anyone know how to remove sticky tape and other undesirables from the DJs ??, is there a special solution that you can buy from the chemist shop. Ive had some success with "lighter fuel", ANY IDEAS from anyone ???.

Thanks for your time for looking at my page, best wishes & good luck with your own collections.