Farnborough 58      

This year is made up of a combination of 35mm negs - 6x6 negs, & various sized prints


 Now, have a quick look at the scene FIFTY YEARS later !!

Farnborough 2008

Note :- All/most of the men folk are dressed in "Sunday Best" suits with collar & tie, a far cry from how we present ourselves today. Also, can you "spot the lady"?, (no prizes).


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F5803.JPG (438371 bytes)   F5804.JPG (359585 bytes)   F5805.JPG (331520 bytes)

RAF display team "Black Arrows"

F5810.jpg (34792 bytes)                                                 F5806.JPG (324403 bytes)


Fnb033a.jpg (23052 bytes)   Fnb035a.jpg (45002 bytes)

     Scimitar F.1, 803NAS      Sea Hawks FGA.4, 800NAS

Fnb001a.jpg (58355 bytes)  Fnb002a.jpg (51032 bytes)  Fnb004a.jpg (50997 bytes)  Fnb005a.jpg (77199 bytes)

Short SC.1, XG900             Short SC.1, XG900

Fnb003a.jpg (68992 bytes)       Fnb006a.jpg (57003 bytes)       Fnb025a.jpg (30190 bytes)

                                                                                                                       EE Canberra B(1)8, XM245        Canberra SC/4 U10, WJ624       Canberra B.2, WK163  

Fnb010a.jpg (98093 bytes)   Fnb013a.jpg (52711 bytes)   Fnb015a.jpg (88372 bytes)

Gloster Javelin F.A.W.7 XH901

Fnb016a.jpg (41767 bytes)   Fnb017a.jpg (60502 bytes)

Dh Vampire T.11, WZ587

Fnb014a.jpg (65023 bytes)   Fnb018a.jpg (74625 bytes)   Fnb027a.jpg (46496 bytes)

                    Fairey Gannet AS.4, UA115 German Navy        Fairey Gannet AEW.3, XJ440

Fnb007a.jpg (41260 bytes)   Fnb021a.jpg (56221 bytes)

Hawker Hunter F.6, XE618

XA930.jpg (532923 bytes)

HP Victor B.1, XA930

F5807.JPG (441711 bytes)   F5807a.JPG (385263 bytes)  XA891.jpg (357802 bytes)

Vulcan B.1, XA891

Fnb022a.jpg (65477 bytes)  Fnb028a.jpg (58154 bytes)  Fnb029a.jpg (25162 bytes)

                                                                                                                            Vulcan B.1, XH481, 83Sqd                               Vulcan B.1, VX770

XE521.jpg (462467 bytes)

Fairy Rotodyne, XE521

Fnb011a.jpg (67078 bytes)   Fnb012a.jpg (67415 bytes)

Saro P.531, G-APNV

Fnb009a.jpg (68705 bytes)   F5808.JPG (338313 bytes)

                                                                                                                                         Bristol Sycamore Mk14, CC-063      Whirlwind HAS.7, XL880

F5809.JPG (314831 bytes)   Fnb031a.jpg (24011 bytes)   Fnb032a.jpg (30988 bytes)

                                                                                                                     Westland Westminster G-APLE                                                   G-APLE, XL727, XL880, G-AKTW

       Fnb008a.jpg (60481 bytes)   Fnb024a.jpg (81295 bytes)  Fnb019a.jpg (52529 bytes)   Fnb020a.jpg (60044 bytes)

                                                                                                 Sa Twin Pioneer CC.1, XM298   Hunting President 2, G-APMO     Dove 6, G-AMZN      Dh Heron 2D, G-APEV

F5801.JPG (150815 bytes)   Fnb034a.jpg (28170 bytes)

                                                                                                                                                    Britannia 312, G-AOVI          Viscount 812, N248V

Fnb030a.jpg (28486 bytes)   Fnb026a.jpg (38178 bytes)

Airspeed Ambassador G-37-3, R/R Tynes

F5802.JPG (257724 bytes)   Fnb036a.jpg (40915 bytes)   Fnb037a.jpg (35374 bytes)

Dh Comet 3B, G-ANLO, “RMA Sir William Brooks”


This selection taken from prints of various size & format



Fnb58003.JPG (31347 bytes)   Fnb58004.JPG (32139 bytes)   Fnb58008.JPG (21085 bytes)


Fnb58010.JPG (22001 bytes)    Fnb58011.JPG (18399 bytes)


Fnb58012.JPG (13323 bytes)

Fnb58005.JPG (12868 bytes)   Fnb58006.JPG (15252 bytes)

Fnb58015.JPG (27859 bytes)   Fnb58016.JPG (43921 bytes)

Fnb58007.JPG (21699 bytes)   Fnb58002.JPG (27360 bytes)   Fnb58018.JPG (20449 bytes)

Fnb58019.JPG (27081 bytes)

Fnb58001a.JPG (26302 bytes)

Fnb58021.JPG (24848 bytes)   Fnb58023.JPG (35926 bytes)   Fnb58022.JPG (32377 bytes)

Fnb58017.JPG (42516 bytes)   Fnb58014.JPG (36658 bytes)

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