Farnborough 59    

The wording on the rear of this press release photo (dated 7.9.59) is :-

"A general view of some of the Aircraft lined up for inspection at Farnborough today when there was a preview of the display organised by the Society of British Aircraft Constructors".

In the foreground are the English Electric Lightning and the De Havilland Sea Vixen.

In the background are the Vickers new airliner "Vanguard", the new Armstrong Whitworth transport "Argosy", 

and a Comet 4B.


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Vickers Vanguard 951 G-APEB

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Comet 4B G-APMB

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Short SG.1 XG905

5909.JPG (26291 bytes)  5909a.JPG (23178 bytes)  Fnb021p.jpg (204184 bytes)  Fnb022p.jpg (208238 bytes)

Hunter T.66A, G-APUX

  5910.JPG (21553 bytes)  5910a.JPG (28853 bytes)

EE Lightning T.4, XL628

Fnb032p.jpg (231757 bytes)

Folland Gnat F.1, XN326 

    Fnb031p.jpg (28585 bytes)

                                                                                                                                                        Jet Provost T.2, G-AOUS    Jet Provost T.51, CJ.701, Ceylon A/f

Fnb024p.jpg (260768 bytes)

Dh Canada Beaver 2, G-ANAR

5911.JPG (58435 bytes)

Westmister G-APTX

   5912.JPG (25638 bytes)   5912a.jpg (29184 bytes)

Bristol  192 (Belvedere), XG451

Fnb030p.jpg (905579 bytes)

Fairey Rotodyne XE521


Here are a selection of prints of various size and formats

Fnb008.JPG (37016 bytes)  Fnb007.JPG (43979 bytes)  Fnb026p.jpg (25332 bytes)  5901.JPG (59914 bytes)  5902.JPG (27243 bytes)

Aw Argosy G-APRN

  Fnb028p.jpg (147682 bytes)

Avro Lincoln B2, G-APRJ, Napier De-icing research

  Fnb009.JPG (47581 bytes)  Fnb006.JPG (38904 bytes)  Fnb027p.jpg (160728 bytes)

                                                                                                                                                        Vs Viscount 816, VH-TVR                        Dh Heron 2D, G-APEV

Fnb014.JPG (21603 bytes)

Vulcan B.2, XH536

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RAF display team, "Black Arrows"

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