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The Air Training Corps Gazette for February 1942 - signed by Douglas Bader.
ATCG July 42 - Two different color banners, Red & Blue.
ATCG August 42 - (p15), “What is the ADCC”.
ATCG December 42 - First color center spread appears.
ATCG April 46 - (p11), “The Story of the Air Training Corps”, ( H/b, book on sale April 15th 1946).
ARG November 47 - (p455), "Allied Aircraft Illustrated", advert for Dec 45.
ARG February 49 - add for the "Air League Book".
Farnborough 55 prog is SIGNED by Mr Peter Twiss, (p25).
Air Pictorial April 69 - The Air League is 60yrs, (p119).
Air Pictorial August 90 - From ADCC to ATC, (p292).

Review of the magazines cover format & layout.

ATCG becomes ARG in June 46, V.1/1, (see note in May issue), ATCG V.1 5/6, to ARG V1/1
ARG becomes Air Pictorial in April 50, (see note in March issue).
ARG change of format with V.20/4 April 58, - FROM - Air Pictorial including ARG - TO - Air
Pictorial, the journal of the Air League, with various colors for the cover banners.
April 59 - front cover banner color RED is now adopted as standard.
Air Pictorial change of cover format with April 59.
Air Pictorial first full color cover with April 65.
Air Pictorial different layout with January 71.
Air Pictorial new format with January 84.
Air Pictorial new format with January 87.
Air Pictorial new format with the January 92 - "Air Pictorial International"
Air Pictorial International title is dropped with the July issue when Barry Wheeler takes over as editor
with HPC Publishing with that issue.
Air Pictorial now incorporates "Aviation News" from January 96.
Title change to "Aviation News" from July 2002.

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There are some interesting "first day covers" & “handouts” placed in the relevant positions within the collection.


A special issue handbill by British Railways (Southern Region) for special train excursions to the Farnborough flying display from Exmouth. Dated July 1962
3rd March 1969 - Celebrating Concordes first flight.
7th September 1970 - Farnborough 70 - supersonic flown cover.
6th September 1972 - Farnborough - 21st Anniv of the Hawker Hunter - signed by Neville Duke.
15th January 1973 - Commemorating the 20th anniv of the Air Training Corps.
4th September 1974 - Farnborough - Westland Helicopters, flown cover.
21st January 1976 - Celebrating Concordes first commercial service - London/Bahrain.
20th July 1976 - IAT Greenham Common - The Blue Herons, celebrating the first flight of the Hawker Hunter.
30th July
1976 - Blue Herons display team flown first day cover.
4th September 1976 - Les Diables Rouges, Belgian A/f display team, signed by the team, this cover also celebrates the 36th anniv of the battle of Britain.
6th September 1976 - H/S Aviation Farnborough 76 flown in Nimrod XZ282.
3rd November 1976 - Frecce Tricolori, Italian A/f display team, signed by the team.
25th June 1977 - The Flying Jokers, Norwegian A/f display team, signed by the team.
14th June 1979 - The 60th Anniversary of the first transatlantic crossing signed by "Alcock & Brown" as flown in their F.4 Phantom into Greenham Common for the IAT.
7th September 1980 - First visit of Concorde into Farnborough, flown in on G-BOAA & signed by Brian Trubshaw & crew.
5th February 1981 - 40th anniv of the Air Training Corps, signed by the ATC Commodore, K.J. Goodwin.
16th September 1986 - Farnborough - Red Arrows salute - signed by the team.
16th September 1986 - The Royal Air Force & Farnborough with Teddy Petter.
17th June 1989 - 25th Anniv of the Red Arrows, signed by Flt Lt. J.M. Newton ‘Red 9’, This cover also commemorates the 40th anniv of the English Electric Canberra.
5th September 1989 - 25th Anniv of the Red Arrows, signed by Flt Lt. D.C. Riley, ‘Red 5’, This cover also commemorates the 40th anniv of The Battle of Britain.
14th August 1995 - Commemorating the 50th anniv of Hiroshima, - signed by Col Paul Tibbets Pilot of the “Enola Gay”
15th May 1996 - The first flight of the D.H. 108 May 46, signed by the test pilot John "cats eyes" Cunningham.
27th July 1996 - The first flight of the Supermarine 392 Attacker, signed by Sqd Ldr Paul Day.
15th September 1996 - The Battle of Britain Open day at Biggin Hill, FDC. signed by the leaders of the participating display teams - Sqd Ldr John Rands, Red Arrows - Lt Col Pier Luigi Fiore, Frecce Tricolori - Mjr Paul Peire, Patrouille De France.
26th November 1996 - 45th anniv of the first flight of the Gloster Javelin.

This set of FIVE limited edition FDCs dedicated to the Great Aircraft Designers

4th April 1997 - Roy Chadwick, designer of the Avro Lancaster, signed by Wilf.J.Bickley, 617 Sqd.
18th April 1997 - Sidney Camm, designer of the Hawker Hunter.
3rd May 1997 - R.E.Bishop, designer of the De Havilland Mosquito.
3rd May 1997 - W.G.Carter, designer of the Gloster Meteor.
10th May 1997 - R.J.Mitchel, designer of the Supermarine Spitfire.
2nd April 1997 - 40th Anniv of the Short SC.1 - signed by A.F.C. Roberts OBE, - C.D. Hatton
20th June 1997 - The Goodwood festival of speed, Red Arrows cover, signed by The Earl of March.
10th July 1997 - Farnborough FDC - great aircraft designers.
9th March 1998 - 50th Anniv of the Gloster G.42/E1-44, signed by test pilot Sqd Ldr Jan ‘Zura’ Zurakowski & Harold Moon.
1st April 1998 - The 80th anniv of the Royal Air force.
9th April 1998 - 40th anniv English Electric Canberra FDC - signed by Roland Beaumont.
2nd February 1999 - Achievements in speed FDC - signed by Brian Trubshaw & flown in Concorde.
27th Sept 1999 - 35th anniv of the 1st flight of the TSR.2 - signed by Roland Beaumont & others.
6th October 1999 - 45th anniv of the 1st flight of Fairey Delta.2 - signed by Peter Twiss & others.
11th November 1999 - 50 Years of Probe and Drogue Flight Refuelling cover signed Air Chief Marshal Sir Michael Knight KCB AFC FRAES, Director of Flight Refuelling Limited
2nd May 2002 - The naming of Exeter International Airport POFDC.
9th May 2003 - The 60th Anniversary of the Dambusters raid FDC.
9th May 2003 - The History of Powered Flight - IOM FDC
8th September 2003 - Farewell to Concorde - flown FDC, London HR/New York JFK
6th June 2004 - The Red Arrows flypast at Arromanches, Normandy. This cover , of which there only FOUR in existence, is signed by all team members and also commemorates the Reds 40th display season, see the letter of provenance that goes with it.