Aircraft of the Korean War  

A pictorial collection from


U.S. Warbirds photographed in transit to the war zone through

'Itazuke' & 'Haneda' air bases in Japan

(c.1953) (see footnote)

We hope you find this collection interesting, informative & entertaining.
Subject to the success of this disk, it is hoped to bring you soon the DC.3 Dakota in service, the Md Phantom in U.S. Navy colors, the 'Century' series jets, and the Best of British Jets & Props.
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RC.45F   B.17G   C.97A   C.46 Chinese Nationalist   RB.26C   VC.54   C.124A   F.2H.3   F.9F-5   C.119C   PBM.5A        
F.9F.8   F.7F.3N   AV.7 Corsair   Meteor F.8 R/Australian   T.33A   P-2V-5   VC.121   F.2J   TB.25K   RF.51D
F.86   AJ-2P   T.2   F.84G   L.17B   H.19B   L.5E   H.5H   HO.35-I    
The information provided for this collection is as found on literature contained therein after being obtained by us, therefore, we cannot uphold the accuracy regarding locations & dates.